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Professional Wood Burning Set
Professional Wood Burning Set
Professional Wood Burning Set
Professional Wood Burning Set
Professional Wood Burning Set
Professional Wood Burning Set

Professional Wood Burning Set

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★Super Iron Iron Burning Wood Kit - has both welding and wood burning functions, very useful and convenient, and can work at an adjustable temperature of 200 to 450 °C. With a converter, it can be used for wood burning.
★ Fast Heating - The premium 30W fast-heating wood burning kit with 37 welding tips and accessories makes it easy to apply to all skill levels, including wood burning beginners, experienced experts.
★ Unexpected surprises - With Converter, users can set different styles according to their own preferences, from beginners to experts, only through the soldering iron wood kit can stimulate huge hands-on potential.
★ Wide range of applications - not only allows you to design on all types of wood, but also for image transfer, stencil cutting, welding, paper, hot stamping and fabric embossing.


You don't have to spend a ton of money on decorative pieces. Thanks to this set, you can choose the pattern and place it on any wooden object. Your own masterpiece can decorate your home or you can gift them to your friends and family.

The handle is made from silicone. It features an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use and with the heat-resistant material, the safety is guaranteed. Also, the tips are sharp, small and allow precision.

The set has two, double-sided boards. You can easily engrave any number or letter and create many astonishing patterns. With the quick heating and great power, the tool will glide over the wood.


 Different templates
 Fast heating
 Adjustable temperature


 Material: silicone, copper and iron
 Temperature range: up to 450 ℃
 Length of the welder: 6.5 cm

1.It is a normal phenomenon that produce smoke when you are using this product, please do not worry. Suggest use in a well ventilated space.
2.Please use a work glove to replace tips.
3.The metal tips will become crisp and easy to break in the high temperature, please waiting the temperature drop down then replace.
4.When the iron head is oxidized to black, use emery to clean it firstly, then turn on power for heating, then put on tin immediately. This method can clean the oxide.
5.The sponge need to use with water. The optimum condition of a sponge is that pinch sponge without water but wetness. The function of sponge is to collect tin slag.

There are three suits you can choose from:
Set 1:1* burning brush
Set 2: 1 * burning brush + 28 * pyrography head
Set 3:1*burning brush +28*burning head +5* head soldering iron Tsui

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